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Fine Practice of Engineering and Production for Brand Identity Elements

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Dsign is 30 kilometers away (18 miles) from Istanbul International Airport (IST)

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How We Work

Fine Practice of Engineering and Production for Brand Identity Elements

How we work

In the first stage of project management, we examine the product details in the technical drawing and design files. After the review, we determine how the product is combined, what is desired, how feasible the project is.

Cost analysis is the key issue of project management. After analyzing the project, we consider the target price, quality and production time, and calculate the most appropriate cost to complete the project successfully.

When the budget is approved, depending on the material and production techniques we prepare the technical drawings of the project and transfer it to production.

After the projects are transferred to production, we determine our teams which will work on the project depending on the details. We control our stock of raw materials that we will need in production, we ensure their supply. Along with this, we arrange the priority of the production and create a time schedule for it.

The techniques and technologies we use enable us to offer high quality products to our customers. Products that require the processing of main raw materials such as wood, acrylic, metal, paint are produced using 3-axis, 5-axis, CNC and laser technological equipment.

We ensure that the products are delivered on time and in accordance with the budget by our experienced logistics team as our customers needed. We cooperate with local and international partners as needed.

With communication with the project teams, on-site exploration and analysis, the ground is prepared for smooth and short-term assembly in the field. Together with the field assembly teams with many years of professional experience, the products are assembled on the date agreed with the customers/brand owners in a perfect manner as requested.