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Fine Practice of Engineering and Production for Brand Identity Elements

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Dsign is 30 kilometers away (18 miles) from Istanbul International Airport (IST)

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Fine Practice of Engineering and Production for Brand Identity Elements


One-Stop Solution Partner

• Originally Designed Brand Experience Areas

• All Sort of Marking Products With Special Sizes and Designs such as Totems, Signs

• Product Display Stands,

• ATM Cabinets,

• Turnkey Bank Branches,

• Turnkey Stores

• Fuel Stations,

• Furniture Products Specially Designed for Brands,

• Brand Launch Products / Areas

• Digital Printed Products,

• Indoor/Outdoor Communication Solutions,

Aluminium Composite Panel

are just a few of the products we can manufacture.


Dsign maximizes your brand’s image and customer experience to the highest level. Each project is managed by specially created teams.

Due to the products it has produced for different sectors since 1985, the experience of processing materials such as metal, wood, acrylic, steel, aluminum etc. is at a global level.

Dsign’s quality standards and production capabilities are at the highest level. With the experience of hundreds of projects for national and global brands over the years, it implements your new and special projects in expected quality and on time.


In our facility, it is possible to process primary commodities such as wood, metal, acrylic, steel, and aluminum. These latest techniques and technologies allow us to offer high-quality products to our customers.

Our printing department uses the best technology for guaranteed and quality results with its experienced staff in digital printing. By our current structure, we can offer all kinds of solutions to companies in all projects that require printing.

By our high production and processing abilities, we show high performance in all projects involving metal and metalworking in it. We follow an integrated working system in projects with CNC, Punch, Bending, Laser benches and machines, which are only some of our possibilities. By means of our current structure, we can respond all needs of brands for mass production and metal-based productions that require quality.

In each project, Dsign provides the required functions at the lowest cost through a value engineering-oriented, systematic, and organized approach... Dsign's value engineering contribution to the projects: • Identifies the essential elements of a product, service, or project. • Analyzes the functions of these elements. • Develops alternative solutions in the proceeding of functions. • Evaluates the solutions. • Creates the cost distribution of solution options. • It elaborates the options likely to be successful.

As Dsign, we have a manufacturing facility with an indoor area of 20,000 m² in Istanbul. For many years, we have realized the projects of many national and global brands that require mass production and quality in this facility.